Post-Doctoral Positions

Virtual Clinical Trials

We are developing an innovative system for the performance of virtual clinical trials (VCT) of breast imaging technologies. The VCT paradigm integrates simulations of the breast anatomy, imaging systems, medical displays and model observers into a unified framework for simulating the entire imaging process, and thus performing virtual clinical trials. This approach leverages unique expertise of the University of Pennsylvania and Barco Inc. We envision VCTs having a critical role in preclinical testing of imaging devices, directing human clinical trials to the most promising devices and appropriate clinical roles. The position will involve designing innovative breast anatomy phantoms, finite-element compression models, and x-ray image simulation methods.

Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

We are currently developing a 4D digital breast tomosynthesis prototype. The current plan is to construct the first prototype in a sandbox environment. The position involves construction of the prototype, experimental measurements of dynamic 4D image sequences, and image pre-processing prior to input to an existing reconstruction algorithm. Additional work in include exploring new image preprocessing methods to obtain quantitative measures of contrast-enhancement in ongoing clinical trials of contrast-enhanced tomosynthesis.